CNA jobs in hospital

Working in a hospital as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) provides clinical experience and gives you the opportunity to work with many different people. Getting a position in a hospital can be difficult because they don’t have a high turn over. In the event that you want to stand out have a good resume in place and apply frequently. In the mean time, having experience in a nursing home, clinic, or private healthcare facility is a plus. There are several CNA jobs that are available in a hospital environment. Don’t just feel like a CNA, be a part of the team.

CNA Jobs In The Hospital

Emergency room jobs are the top positions of a CNA. They are responsible for escalating the intake of the patients. They still work under a LPN or RN. Their work responsibilities include the date and time for their visit, getting their vitals, notes on the patients feeding and minor care (i.e. allergies, other ailments), medications, and other doctors overseeing the patient.

Labor & Delivery room jobs are often occupied by a certified nursing assistant in a hospital environment. In most states, you must have your Basic Life Saving Certification and pass CNA certification II to work in the Labor & Delivery room. They are usually responsible for getting vital signs, changing linen, help with admissions, and setting up the room. They are usually responsible for all the smaller tasks not associated with major medical procedure.

Working in a hospital for a Certified Nurses Assistant is a rewarding job because it provides flexibility in hours, high pay, and you work with a larger group of people. Essentially, you are responsible for the care and safety of more people. To some people, it can be fulfilling to meet new people everyday.

Furthermore, if you contain to gain more certification while in these type of hospital positions it leaves the room for advancement. In fact, you can quickly become a certified LPN or RN at the experience qualifies as clinical experience towards your degree. CNA jobs in the hospital can be rewarding.